What are Treatment Programs?

Treatment programs is a phrase normally use to refer to addiction treatment programs that take place in a rehab or a treatment center, designed to help people who are alcoholics or who have an addiction problem to various types of drugs or other substances or behaviours.

A rehab is a clinical facility that should employ a wide range of highly professional and qualified clinical staff and support staff who can oversee both the medical needs and the therapeutic and pastoral needs of the clients who enter rehab for help with their problems.

There are many thousands of rehabs that an individual who is looking for help can potentially apply to admission for, making the choice extremely difficult in terms of knowing which one to choose.

The majority of rehabs are focused around the principles of the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. These rehabs will be strong supporters of these fellowships such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, and will actively encourage attendance at meetings, both whilst in rehab and once the individual has left as a means of ongoing after-care and support.

Most people have some understanding of what Alcoholics Anonymous is about, and this can sometimes generate problems in its own right which need to be addressed by the rehab.

Treatment Programs – Other Rehabs

Whilst the majority of rehabs focus on the adaptation of the 12th model for the majority of their addiction treatment programs, there are a number of rehabs or treatment centers that specifically avoid any of the terminology used in Alcoholics Anonymous or any of the so-called spiritual principles or references to God that are part of the ‘normal’ recovery process.

These rehabs use a much wider range of addiction treatment programs that are rooted in what they refer to as a life skills approach to overcoming addiction and alcoholism. Each rehab will vary in its approach, but a number will have an underlying belief of philosophy that addiction can be dealt with by way of behavioural changes and various therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy etc.

The addiction treatment programs that these we have offer will often be heavily supported by an holistic approach to the individual’s recovery, with a strong emphasis on diet and nutrition, as well as often a significant amount of work through yoga and tai chi on the individuals inner energy systems.

Treatment programs available in rehabs do differ significantly, and it is important for the individual to research thoroughly what they feel will be most appropriate for their circumstances prior to admission or entry to any rehab.