What is a drug rehab center in Florida ?

A drug rehab centre in Florida normally refers to what is known as a clinical facility where people with a drug and/or alcohol problem can go to get help. The term clinical facility can sound a bit grim, and is normally associated with quite a sterile environment such as a hospital or health center.

A drug rehab centre in Florida is clinical in the sense that it is an institution which should be staffed by qualified medical and therapeutic practitioners, which offers clinical programs administered by a wide range of clinical experts of a range of treatment methods to help people who have or have had an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

A drug rehab centre in Florida will have a wide range, or should have a wide range of different types of qualified clinical staff such as medical doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and counsellors. In addition a drug rehab centre in Florida may well employ a number of so-called alternative practitioners such as yoga teachers, tai chi practitioners, reflexology practitioners, acupuncture practitioners.

A drug rehab centre in Florida may also offer therapies such as art therapy, meditation, shiatsu etc. The rehab is also likely to offer help with what is known as transitional living, by way of staff such as a transitional living worker and possibly a social worker as well.

A drug rehab centre in Florida will normally be a fairly short stay institution or clinical facility, where a client is likely to spend between four and six weeks. The focus of work done during this time, once any type of detox has been performed, will be very basic work on the process of trying to get the client to accept that they have a problem with drugs and or alcohol if necessary and appropriate.

Drug rehab center in Florida

A drug rehab centre in Florida will often base its therapeutic approach on the first five steps of the 12-step programme of Narcotics Anonymous, which in turn was adapted from the cult step programme of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The rehab will have no formal connection with either Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous, but there well may be meetings of AA and NA either on site at the rehab, or in the local vicinity which clients will be encouraged to attend.

A drug rehab centre in Florida will inevitably only begin the process of helping a client to accept and understand the fact that they have an addiction to drugs and possibly alcohol as well by way of alcoholism.

There will also be an acceptance by the rehab of a need for ongoing help once the client has left rehab, and this will likely focus on continued attendance at meetings of Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous