What is an Holistic Drug Rehab in Florida ?

An holistic drug rehab in Florida normally refers to a drug/alcohol rehab in Florida that terms itself as an holistic rehab.

The word holistic can refer to a number of specific ideas and attitudes and approaches to treatment and therapeutic addiction methods, but generally carries more impact because of it emotional pull as a word that implies the whole person is treated as opposed to merely one part of them.

There is a sense that a rehab that describes itself as an holistic drug rehab in Florida can inadvertently be slightly misleading, and maybe even playing on the tone and the pull of the word holistic..

In reality, any drug/alcohol rehab that offers effective treatment for any type of addiction, alcoholism could realistically call itself an holistic drug rehab in Florida. The therapeutic approach of any rehab/treatment centre should be on the whole person as a person, and base their therapeutic approach on the 12 step model of Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous.

The nature of these 12 step program is is that they address, or begin to address a wide range of underlying emotional drives that fuel an individuals addiction or alcoholism.

The focus of the work that a holistic drug rehab in Florida should do will largely be therapeutic as a way of helping the individual begin the process of understanding their addiction or alcoholism and what they can do to get sober and clean and stay sober and clean.

An holistic drug rehab in Florida is also like to offer a wide range of other types of therapies and therapeutic approaches that may help at some level, but will often seem much more enjoyable than the idea of any type of self analysis or therapeutic work.

An holistic drug rehab in Florida is like to offer therapies such as yoga, tai chi, reflexology, acupuncture, art therapy, meditation and shiatsu etc.

Holistic drug rehab in Florida

Some may also offer more adventurous therapies such as mountain hiking, white water rafting etc, depending upon where the holistic drug rehab in Florida is located.These other types of therapeutic approaches may have some benefit and can certainly help an addict/alcoholic begin the process of rebuilding their lives.

However these other types of therapies should not be undertaken at the expense of where the real work needs to begin to be undertaken, which is where the treatment methods of an holistic drug rehab in Florida should focus.

The rehab should have a range of methods and clinical programs and be staffed by clinical experts fully briefed and experienced in these areas of addiction and alcoholism that can help the client begin to understand the process of their recovery prior to and leaving rehab/treatment.